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Trade Shows & Events

Enhance the experience for attendees at your event with eye-catching signage, professional print materials, custom promo products, and more.

There are many things to think about when it comes to planning an event. You want your attendees to have a positive, memorable experience. You want to create a space where they can connect with their peers and with your brand. And, you want to give them meaningful takeaways that will continue to keep your brand in their minds long after the event is over.

Signage and printed materials play into this attendee experience and contribute to your event’s overall success!

Partner with AlphaGraphics to Elevate Your Event

From marketing your event to prospective attendees, to decorating your event with branded signage, to sending out thank you cards, AlphaGraphics supports your print and marketing needs through every stage of your event.

Before Your Event

Grab the attention of your target audience and get them registered for your event well in advance.

  • Graphic Design & Logos: Give your event a unique look and feel that reflects your organization’s branding and what you stand for. Customize a logo and design elements specific to your event that will stick in your attendees’ minds.
  • Websites & Landing Pages: Create an event-specific website or landing page where prospective attendees can register and find important details, such as location information, who’s speaking, dress code, registration costs, and more.
  • Digital Marketing: Hone in on your target audience and drive them to register for your event through email campaigns, digital advertising, and social media.
  • Direct Mail Marketing: Build awareness of your event by getting the details in the hands of prospective attendees. Popular direct mail campaigns include postcards, brochures, preliminary programs, and formal invitations.


During Your Event

Take advantage of every opportunity to display your branding throughout the event space and provide professionally printed resources to your attendees.

  • Custom Signage & Graphics: Walls, floors, stairs, pillars, counters… nearly anything can be wrapped with vinyl graphics to create an immersive brand experience or recognize sponsors.
  • Wayfinding Signage: Make it easy for attendees to navigate the event space and find what they’re looking for.
  • Interactive Displays & Photo Backdrops: Make your event “Instagrammable” with backdrops, step-and-repeats, or freestanding displays to encourage photos.
  • Portable Signage: When you need your event signage to move from one place to the next, use retractable banners, posters, flags, or A-frame signs that are easily transportable.
  • Programs & Printed Collateral: Provide your attendees with everything they need to make the most of the event – name badges, programs, menus, training materials, handouts, brochures, and more.
  • agBox & Promo: Create an “event in a box” by packaging important print-outs and swag in a branded box. Customize promo products like pens, chapstick, notepads, drinkware, or tech items to stay top-of-mind long after the event ends.
  • agBox & Promo: Leave every attendee with a tangible reminder of your brand that they can wear! Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and hats are popular items.


After Your Event

Stay in touch with your audience long after your event ends.

  • Digital Marketing Keep in touch with your attendees through email and social media. Post your event photos, send helpful content and resources, and get everyone excited for your next event.
  • Direct Mail Marketing Send thank yous and follow-ups to your attendees, sponsors, donors, and others who supported your event.

AlphaGraphics Event Services

AlphaGraphics elevates all kinds of events with our full suite of signs, print, and marketing services.

  • Community events
  • Conferences & conventions
  • Corporate & professional events
  • Fairs & farmer’s markets
  • Fun runs
  • Fundraisers
  • Galas
  • Grand openings
  • Seminars
  • Trade shows & expos
  • And more!


Prep your next event or convention with the right branding materials. AlphaGraphics can print brochures, banners, custom table clothes, and custom booth design.

Courtroom Exhibits

Courtroom Exhibits

Trial and courtroom exhibits are essential for illustrating a point of view. AlphaGraphics offers design and printing services that will make your exhibit memorable.



Event posters create buzz and elevate your event



Make your booth the talk of the expo with custom trade show materials

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