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How Signage Helped Best Buddies Double Social Media Engagement

Large sign with lettering that sticks out, saying

When Best Buddies Tennessee won AlphaGraphics’ biggest Make It Happen event makeover yet, it wasn’t only a win for the organization—it was a win for the Nashville community, especially those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Best Buddies provides individuals with IDD opportunities for friendship, employment, and leadership development, helping them feel valued and celebrated in society.

The Friendship Walk is Best Buddies Tennessee’s only free and open-to-the-public event, providing a unique opportunity to reach new audiences and amplify its message of inclusion. This year, the organization's goal was to reach a wider audience outside of its current donor base.

AlphaGraphics’ Creative Makeover: Inspiring Engagement

AlphaGraphics was thrilled to support Best Buddies Tennessee through our Make It Happen Event makeover contest this year. Our goal was to revolutionize their annual Friendship Walk by creating memory-making, Insta-worthy opportunities through signage at the event that would inspire social media sharing. In the end, Best Buddies received more than double the amount of social media mentions compared to years prior.

Here’s how we did it:

Handheld Photo Frames

A male and female cheerleader pose in a handheld Best Buddies frame

We designed custom handheld frames branded with the Best Buddies logo and vibrant colors reflecting the joy and inclusivity of the event. These frames were a perfect photo opportunity for participants, encouraging them to capture and share their moments on social media. By framing their experiences literally and figuratively, attendees could broadcast their support and the event’s impact to a broader audience, seamlessly blending fun with advocacy.

Inspirational Light Wall: "Let Your Light Shine"  

A girl does the peace sign with her hands in front of an immersive sign that has a spotlight graphic and says

A standout feature was the “Let Your Light Shine” immersive wall that symbolized the light that individuals with IDD bring into our lives, celebrating what makes them different. Complete with a spotlight graphic that allowed attendees to pose front and center, this setup was not just a backdrop but an invitation—encouraging participants to stand under the light and share their spotlight moments online. 

Scannable Posters

A man scans a QR code with his phone from a poster full of QR codes linking to information

Recognizing the importance of ongoing engagement, we created large posters with QR codes leading to different facets of Best Buddies’ mission, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and social media pages. This informed the public about the organization's extensive work and kept them engaged beyond the event day.

Foam Fingers: Cheering for Inclusion

A young man wears a purple Best Buddies finger and points it in the air

What’s a walk without some cheers? Custom foam fingers featuring the “Everybuddy belongs” slogan were provided to all walkers. These fun accessories added a spirited vibe to the walk and made for great photos, further enhancing social media visibility. Promotional items like these can serve as conversation pieces long after the event has ended, continuing the awareness-building.

Bonus: IRL Engagement with an Educational Cube Wall

Two girls spin cubes on a cube wall containing facts on each side of the cubes.

Engagement isn’t limited to social media likes and shares – tactile experiences can provide deeper connections with a brand and its mission. Our most interactive element was our cube wall with spinnable blocks, each side revealing facts about the Best Buddies mission and stories of friendship. This display educated participants about the organization's significant impact and provided a unique, engaging way to learn more about the cause.

The Impact: Doubling Down on Engagement

The results of this creative collaboration exceeded expectations. Social media engagement more than doubled, a testament to the power of interactive and visually appealing elements in capturing public interest and participation. Photos and stories from the event flooded social media, amplifying awareness and support for Best Buddies Tennessee far beyond the walk attendees.

Through this partnership, AlphaGraphics and Best Buddies Tennessee demonstrated how thoughtful, engaging designs can transform not only an event but also the community’s involvement and enthusiasm for a cause. This project was not just about enhancing an event; it was about turning an occasion into a movement, one post, one share, and one step at a time.

We at AlphaGraphics are proud to have played a role in such a transformative event. We continue to be inspired by the power of community and the innovative ways we can serve it. As we reflect on this project's success, we are reminded of the endless possibilities that creativity and collaboration hold, especially when harnessed for causes that change lives for the better.

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