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How to Capture Holiday Magic in a Box (and Earn Brand Loyalty)

The holidays are all about connection as we seek to share the magic of the season with those we care about most. In addition to connecting with loved ones, the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to reach out to employees and customers to show your appreciation and strengthen your relationships.

Instead of your standard greeting card, it’s time to get creative this holiday season — and a holiday in a box is the perfect way to make a memorable impact with your holiday outreach. Read on to get inspired with three ways to make an agBox part of your business’s holiday celebrations.

Holiday Party in a Box

Throwing holiday parties is one of the biggest opportunities for companies to show appreciation to employees during the year. Staff look forward to nice dinners, open bars, awards, entertainment, and the opportunity to mingle with colleagues outside of work hours.

If you really want to wow your colleagues, bring a party in a box to your next holiday event! Give a box to everyone on your team, and incorporate traditional party elements such as cocktail sets, giveaways, raffle tickets, and of course, plenty of holiday swag. These items can be used during and after your holiday party, and will surely leave a lasting impression.

Employee Appreciation Box

Go the extra mile and splurge on high-end gifts that will be enjoyed and cherished by your employees for many years to come. Popular holiday gift items include jackets, beverage tumblers, blankets, and tech items like portable chargers. Choosing premium gifts from popular brands communicates to your employees that they are valued and the company is willing to spend a little extra to treat them. Be sure to customize everything in your agBox with your company’s branding!

When planning your employee appreciation box, think beyond the contents — there’s plenty you can do with the box itself to build a sense of celebration and connection. A custom printed box can reflect your branding or reinforce company values before it’s even been opened.

Want to take things a step further? Consider embedding a video player inside the lid of your box that will auto-play a message from company leadership when opened — perfect for adding a personal touch. If you don’t have the budget for a high-tech box, a handwritten note will do the trick instead. Whatever you choose, these customizations give employees a tangible reminder of who they work for and can help reignite the pride they feel in being a part of the organization.

VIP Customer Box

Holiday boxes aren’t just for employees. Let top customers know that you’re thinking of them too! A thoughtful agBox is a sure way to surprise and delight your clientele. Include a range of gifts that prominently feature your company’s branding; in addition to making your client feel appreciated, these will also earn you free advertising every time they are worn or used! Choosing premium gifts can pay off here too, as people are more likely to use higher quality items frequently — showing off your brand every time they do.

Take advantage of the opportunity to remind customers of your products and services, whether in an obvious way (like including free samples) or more subtly (by creating a theme for your agBox that reflects your industry or services). Although your primary goal should be to thank the recipient for their business and wish them a happy holiday season, make sure to prominently include contact information to help them easily get in touch with you. They’ll likely want to place another order as soon as they see the care you put into creating their holiday box!

Build Outstanding Holiday Experiences

Whether you want to bring the wow factor to your next holiday party, show appreciation for your employees, or share thoughtful well-wishes with top customers, an agBox helps you capture the special sense of togetherness that is at the cornerstone of our holiday celebrations.

Meaningful connections are important to form and maintain. Sending an agBox is the perfect “above and beyond” gesture that will get your employees and clientele feeling excited about your business and loyal to your brand!

Your partners at AlphaGraphics can help you plan, design, print, and create every element of your holiday boxes. Not sure where to start? Get in touch with your local AlphaGraphics center today to request a free consultation.

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